Designing and manufacturing air conditioning ducts with the latest international equipment, and all industrial and commercial investments.
Design and manufacture of all geometric shapes using Arrow HVAC CNC machine.
Manufacturing spiral air ducts for factories, malls and shops with the latest types of English machines.
The Ducts parts are connected using TDC Flange machine.
With a production capacity up to 25 tons of sheets per day.





Is a travel agency that offers travel consulting services to a great deal of high profile companies and individuals for business and leisure travel.

As an independent travel agency, our consultants take pride in building excellent relationships with clients and
suppliers. Our agency delivers reliable, affordable and flexible leisure and corporate travel destinations worldwide
by working closely with our clients.

Our agency is allied with all the major airlines that operate to and from Sudan and we continually negotiate the best possible rates for our clients travelling locally or internationally.

As a travel agent and travel consulting company, we organise personalised travel packages in Sudan and internationally which are completely based on our customers’ requirements. Whether you need:
Car Hire / Airport Transfers
Hotel Accommodation


An excellent reputation for personal services, quality and value through thorough research and a comprehensive database.By travelling to the places they sell on a regular places, our agents are able to inspect the newest as well as older properties that have been renovated. We feel that this is an essential aspect of remaining an above average travel consultant. It is what allows us to suggest properties that satisfies our client's needs, and personalities.
As a local travel & tourism agency, our consultants’ professionalism, knowledge and quest for service excellence have enabled us to attain a new level in customer understanding and satisfaction. Email capabilities for convenience and prompt booking and information. Consulting to a variety of business and leisure clients, our personal recommendations remain our best marketing asset.


Petra Air Conditioning Company is the sole agent of PETRAENGINEERING INDUSTRIES CO in Sudan.

We at Petra Air Conditioning Company provide a wide variety of HVAC equipment that meet a diversity of application equirement to serve Sudan region.

We have more than 128 Employee ( Engineers, technician and workers) allocated in three department, project office, the factory and the head quarter.

Petra nearly had more than 200.000.000 SDG in 2016.
Petra brings to the market high quality HVAC equipment, which offers customers Dexterous solutions in energy efficiency, ultra-low noise, and high standards of air quality and custom-made technologies that set new standards in the HVAC industry.


Energy efficiency requirements are becoming more rigorous with the growing concerns for environmental and economic sustainability. Petra engineering industries provide a wide range of solutions that incorporate the latest technologies that facilitate energy saving requirements and enhance indoor air quality and occupant comfort requirements.



  • Periodic inspection of the compressor To ensure continuous cooling.
  • Periodic inspection of control circuits.
  • Periodic inspection of engines and internal and external fans.
  • Periodic inspection of filters and discharge of condensation water In order to ensure the efficiency and purity and the smell of the air.
  • Cleaning of Internal and external coils units To maintain the lowest electricity costs.
  • Try to find out the beginning of the problem early To reduce the costs of the solution.
  • Rapid Response Service With 24/7 service with no extra cost if it was included in the maintenance contract.
  • Special discount on spare parts With free labor switching.


Petra Power Solutions is member of “Petra Group” is sole agent of AKSA power generation one of the major factories
of the diesel generator sets in the world.

The operations within the Sudan territory is, for the most part, dedicated to sales, service and business marketing of products from all construction, telecom, banks, oil & gas, government and mining divisions.

Petra Power Solutions company provide diesel generators (open and with sound proof enclosure) and its accessories like ATS, Synchronization Panels, Fuel Tank, Fuel Transfer System, product line 4 – 3000 kVA.


Our technical support includes but is not limited to:
  • PRE SALES SERVICE We provide reliable and professional On-site consultancy service. A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians will travel to your site and work with you to define the actual requirements and review the alternatives available for providing a cost-effective solution.
  • WARRANTY& AFTER SALES SERVICE Our project team will work closely with you, ensuring your product is installed and commissioned safely and successfully in accordance with factory-issued commissioning procedures and written method statements and provide full commissioning certification for warranty validation. All products sold by us are warranted against defects, any defect arise will be replaced immediately under the standard product maintenance services manufacturer’s terms and conditions. Our warranty is a way of pledging excellence in the quality of our products.
  • PRODUCT SUPPORT TRAINING We aim to share our knowledge with our core customers. Full time electrical and mechanical engineers could deliver basic and advanced training sessions covering all aspects of the products in our facilities or on-site as per customer request.
  • 24/7 MAINTENANCE SERVICE Whether it is preventive maintenance contract, routine testing or a failure in service, our fully equipped team could be efficiently dispatched whenever and wherever needed to fault find mechanical and electrical problems. All mechanical and electrical problems could be rectified on site or within our extensive workshop facility, which is well stocked with a wide range of spare parts for immediate assistance.