Welcome To Petra Group

Petra Group is one of the prominent privately owned miscellaneous group of companies in Sudan. With its foundations dating back to 2008, Petra has nourished in many sectors by committing to customer satisfaction and trust. Petra Group is focused on EPCC of HVAC systems, manufacturing of air ducts & accessories of the A/C industries, moving systems, power generation, as well as travel and tourism .

Our Group Companies

Petra Ducts Factory

Designing and manufacturing air conditioning ducts with the latest international equipment, and all industrial and commercial investments. Design and manufacture of all geometric shapes using Arrow HVAC CNC machine. Manufacturing spiral air ducts for factories, malls and shops with the latest types of English machines. The Ducts parts are connected using TDC Flange machine. With

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Petra Travel & Tourism

Is a travel agency that offers travel consulting services to a great deal of high profile companies and individuals for business and leisure travel. As an independent travel agency, our consultants take pride in building excellent relationships with clients and suppliers. Our agency delivers reliable, affordable and flexible leisure and corporate travel destinations worldwide by

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Petra Air Conditioning Company

Petra Air Conditioning Company is the sole agent of PETRAENGINEERING INDUSTRIES CO in Sudan. We at Petra Air Conditioning Company provide a wide variety of HVAC equipment that meet a diversity of application equirement to serve Sudan region. We have more than 128 Employee ( Engineers, technician and workers) allocated in three department, project office,

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Petra Power Solutions

Petra Power Solutions is member of “Petra Group” is sole agent of AKSA power generation one of the major factories of the diesel generator sets in the world. The operations within the Sudan territory is, for the most part, dedicated to sales, service and business marketing of products from all construction, telecom, banks, oil &

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